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Inov-8 teams on the move!
posted Thursday, April 09, 2009 by Team Checkpoint Zero @ 11:53 AM - 0 comments

Invariably it always happens. Teams get formed for a race, and somewhere along the line life gets in the way. Whether it's family commitments, work related, or just playing too hard, someone has to pull out. Then begins the scramble.

Last year, when putting a team together for the Planet Adventure Race, it was two days before the start before we found a final teammate to compete. Looking for teammates for a 24 hour race isn't the easiest thing, but it's a whole heck of a lot easier than finding someone who is in shape, has a flexible enough schedule, and actually wants to go out and race a 3.5 day expedition race.

First you start calling your other teammates, asking if they can get out of whatever commitment that prevented them from coming in the first place. Then you ask the people you've race with before. Then onto people you may not have raced with, but come recommended. Finally, you start asking complete strangers. One never hopes to take it that far, but with all the time and capital invested in preparing for an expedition race, you aren't as likely to walk away and just not race.

This year for the Endorphin Fix, we didn't take it completely to the wire, but it was close. Just 6 days before the start we figured out, in the words of Paul Humphreys, a Wall Street merger...AR style.

Checkpoint Zero / Inov-8 along with Team ROAM / Inov-8 have combined forces to form the feared 6 headed monster at E-Fix. We'll be fielding one co-ed team of four, and a 2 person male team with plans to race together for the duration.

There are always risks associated with combining teams and trying to stay together the whole time, but in this case we've decided the reward is worth it. To all you other teams racing E-Fix...Inov-8 is on the move!

Be sure to check out all the action on Checkpoint Tracker starting April 16th!


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