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On the road again
posted Monday, May 11, 2009 by Team Checkpoint Zero @ 5:09 PM - 0 comments

Paul and I are well on our way to Traverse City, location of the 2009 MIX adventure race. Apparently our 2007 experiences with mosquitoes, rocky streams, and sandy roads weren't enough to keep us away. What do they say? Time heals all wounds? If it does, we're about to spend a lot of time and effort reopening some of those painful memories.

Along the way we've been suffering a distinct lack of quality radio. We especially feel for the citizens of Lexington KY. There are about 4 stations, and the one we caught blasted us with the following lineup:

Some american idol alumni
George Michael (a bit redundant eh?)
Elton John
Ricky Martin

The obvious question is why did we keep listening. Well, we are dumb enough to be headed back to Michigan again aren't we?

Be sure to stop by Checkpoint Tracker starting on Wednesday and give us a shout out.


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