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Quick Sand(mann) in Cartersville, Ga.
posted Sunday, January 28, 2007 by Team Checkpoint Zero @ 10:01 PM - 0 comments

This weekend's Sandmann sprint adventure race up the road from Atlanta packed quite a bit of racing into 6 hours. The race was a Rogaine format. Maps were given out less than an hour before the race began, so teams had to make decisions and move very quickly to get all 22 checkpoints within the time limit. Just one or two bad route choices could mean the difference between finishing places, or not being able to punch every point.

We raced as two 2-person male teams and had a complete blast, getting all the checkpoints and finishing I believe second overall. Thanks to teammates Jon Barker, Tim Abbott and Allen McAdams and a huge thanks goes to the volunteers who shivered with us in the cold -- temps at the start were in the mid 20s -- to make sure the racers had fun. And the barbecue at the finish really hit the spot!

It was a great way to start the race season for me. Come back for a race report this week.

Paul C.

Dateless at the Sandmann AR
posted Friday, January 26, 2007 by Team Checkpoint Zero @ 12:26 PM - 0 comments

It'll be just like one of my college dorm parties this weekend for Team Checkpoint Zero / GoLite at the Sandmann sprint adventure race -- all guys and no girls.

Michele Hobson couldn't make it, so Tim Abbott and I will be racing as a two-man Checkpoint Zero / GoLite squad and Jon Barker and Allen McAdams as another. Let the intra-squad competition begin!

The race is just north of Atlanta, so it's local for all of us and will be a great way to start the racing season. We'll definitely make good use of our GoLite cold-weather gear. After several weeks of spring-like temps, winter finally arrived in North Georgia. I'll have to think seriously about the wisdom of any potential swims in Lake Allatoona.

Look for a race report next week!

Paul C.

Getting ready for the big run.
posted Thursday, January 25, 2007 by Team Checkpoint Zero @ 2:47 PM - 0 comments

As time ticks down to my departure to Costa Rica for The Coastal Challenge I find myself reading, and re-reading the FAQs, previous runner accounts, and everything else I can find to make sure I'm not forgetting something important. I fall asleep each night with visions of wild animals and blackened toenails as I slog my way through deep jungles and endless miles of sandy beaches. Then I remember, this is supposed to be fun. Stay tuned for what we hope to be live reports along the way.


Yawwnnnn, better wake up!
posted by Team Checkpoint Zero @ 1:40 PM - 0 comments

Wow, it's nearly race time!

Team Checkpoint Zero / Golite starring Michele Hobson, Paul Cox and Tim Abbott line up against Team Checkpoint Zero / Golite / Bollocks Brothers starring Jon Barker & Allen McAdams and a host of other teams at this Saturday's Sandman Adventure Race just north of Atlanta. Quoting Jon Barker "Er, I wish I had been training and not stuffing myself and lying on the couch for the last two months". Should be interesting, eh?