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Checkpoint Zero race - A volunteer's comments
posted Thursday, March 29, 2007 by Team Checkpoint Zero @ 8:50 AM - 0 comments

The Checkpoint Zero / Golite team had their volunteer's hats on this past weekend. I think I can safely say that we all thoroughly enjoyed the change of pace. Waking up on race day morning without the "rabid butterflies" in the stomach made me wonder why I raced at all :)

It was a real pleasure watching these athletes move their way through the course and dealing with the adversities that came their way. Getting to talk to some teams during transition and at various checkpoints gave me a new respect for my fellow racers and their fantastic attitudes.

Congratulations to all the competitors and thanks to Yak, Tony and their families for providing a challenging, accurate race and to my fellow team members and our families for their help over the past few weeks.


A wife's perspective: Sitting on the Sidelines
posted Tuesday, March 20, 2007 by Team Checkpoint Zero @ 12:26 PM - 0 comments

I just spent a few minutes reading through all of the information regarding this weekend's Checkpoint Zero adventure race in Helen, Ga. The excitement is building. Teams are coming from CO, MI, TX etc. Fans are filling the Shout Box. Racers, fans and Yak are blogging both with useful information and taunts. This race has the potential to be the race of the season. And, unfortunately, the Checkpoint Zero/GoLite team is not racing. For obvious reasons, it would be a huge conflict of interest for our team to participate in this race. Also, this way we are able to help out. The team members have been busy scouting the course and will be putting out points, manning checkpoints, helping with registration and in general, keeping Yak under control this weekend. All important jobs, I will grant you. But it still isn't racing.

Who will I cheer for? We have a lot of friends out there racing: Enduraventure, NADS, Rock Creek Outfitters, Black Dome and I wish them all well , but it is more fun cheering for my own team. So, although as a wife and support person I should be used to sitting on the sidelines, this weekend will be especially tough for me. Don't tell Paul, but maybe it is better when he IS racing!?!?

Good luck racers. I will be cheering for all of you.

Lisa Cox

So, the squad pre ran some of the course this past weekend and here's what they've got to say about it...
posted Monday, March 19, 2007 by Team Checkpoint Zero @ 7:51 AM - 0 comments


You'll see for yourselves next weekend :)


Goldrush 24 results are in...
posted Wednesday, March 14, 2007 by Team Checkpoint Zero @ 3:58 PM - 0 comments

After an almost week long wait, Race Director Toby Bramblett announced the results for this year's Goldrush 24. In a controversial move Toby "voided" one checkpoint after several teams complained about the accuracy and discovering it was, indeed, in the wrong location. This changed the final outcome for places two through seven:

1st: Enduraventure
2nd=: Checkpoint Zero/Golite
2nd=: Checkpoint Zero/Golite II
4th: Black Dome
5th: Rock Creek
6th: Red line
7th: Secret Squirrel

General agreement was that it was a long, tough race with lots of strategizing and time management to think about although more CP accuracy will be required for next year's race!


Any news on that pot of gold, yet?
posted Friday, March 09, 2007 by Team Checkpoint Zero @ 8:31 AM - 0 comments

Almost one week after the Goldrush 24 race, the teams are still waiting to see who won. I think we can all agree that Enduraventure took 1st, pretty conclusively, but who rounded out the top positions? Race Director Toby Bramblett is still finalizing the results and has promised the final announcement to be made at least one week before next year's race...


Umm, AR Road Kill
posted Tuesday, March 06, 2007 by Team Checkpoint Zero @ 10:30 PM - 0 comments

Apparently, the five-second rule doesn't apply during an adventure race.

Maybe on occasion you've seen zip-lock bags of snacks lying along the trail, discarded or more likely lost by another team. I've often found tasty little treasures -- like bags of cookies, peanuts and M&Ms -- without an owner. Do you stop to pick them up? Thankfully, my teammates do.

We came across such a find deep into a long hike & bike section last weekend during the Goldrush Adventure Race. The tiny bag was full of Fig Newtons, a particular favorite of mine and most of the folks I race with. We asked another team nearby if any in their pack had lost the bag. Nope, it wasn't theirs.

Not wanting to leave litter on the trail, my teammate Zoid "Allen" McAdams picked up the bag and stuffed it in his pack. I didn't think anything more of our find until, running out of food a couple of hours later, I began begging teammates for whatever they could spare. Allen quickly offered me a snack. When I turned to accept, I saw him munching away happily and without a second thought on what I recognized immediately as the orphaned bag of Fig Newtons we'd found along the trail earlier. He was eating AR Road Kill.

Those Fig Newtons were good. I know, because I ate the AR Road Kill, too. To whichever team lost that bag of Fig Newtons ... I know you didn't mean to drop it, and I owe you a box. They definitely didn't go to waste.

-- Paul Cox

So, who won the pot of gold?
posted Monday, March 05, 2007 by Team Checkpoint Zero @ 9:18 AM - 0 comments

Teams Checkpoint Zero/Golite I and II joined forces for this past weekend's Goldrush 24 adventure race. A tough course welcomed us focusing on time management and navigational skills (and the ability to drag your canoe for miles & miles). The final results are still being figured out due to some possible and probable CP placement issues. Stay tuned for more...


Who will find Gold at the Goldrush?
posted Thursday, March 01, 2007 by Team Checkpoint Zero @ 9:33 AM - 0 comments

The Checkpoint Zero / Golite "Two Headed Monster" will roll into action Friday lunchtime at the 2nd annual Woodstock Goldrush 24 adventure race in and around Lake Allatoona just north of Atlanta, GA.

The two teams consisting of Jon Barker, Allen McAdams & Jennifer Rinderle on one team and Paul Cox, Peter Jolles & Michele Hobson on the other are hoping for a fun & challenging course.

"Race Director, Toby Bramblett, had us all surprised with the length and complexity of last year's race"said Jon Barker, "We're hoping for much of the same this year".

Check back for a race report next week.