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A merry December mock race
posted Thursday, December 13, 2007 by Team Checkpoint Zero @ 9:56 PM - 0 comments

I had the pleasure of helping fellow Trailblazer Adventure Racing Club member Greg Holland set up a mock race last weekend, December 8, at Bull Mountain, one of my favorite mountain biking areas in North Georgia.

The idea was that newer racers would team up with more experienced folks for a day of learning. By all accounts, the 28 teams of two and three racers enjoyed what we put together, including Checkpoint Zero/Inov-8 teammate Jon Barker (left) who took a crew out. And I enjoyed watching racers have a good time on the 8-hour course we planned.

Thanks to Brian Madden who helped us pre-run the course and for being there when I fell off a cliff Friday night. Maybe Mrs. Clause will put a new headlamp in my stocking so that won't happen again.

There's more race planning in my future; Greg and I have already agreed to host another event the same time next year.

- Paul